In my last more than 20 years of experience in the field of electrical installation, I have come across many friends and clients complaining that they are perennially receiving high electricity bills in their residential/commercial complexes; as they strongly feel that their power consumption is not to that extent. However, when I engaged my personnel’s to do the survey and electrical audit of the same, I have come to a conclusion that in most of the cases, the meter reading is as per the actual consumption only.

Hence, I have come up with various points   that a consumer should be focusing on to understand the billing & power consumption pattern:

  • One has to thoroughly check the complete electrical wiring from the main meter room to the equipment’s used within the residential/commercial premises through a competent Licensed Electrical Contractor. Because most of the times, there might be loose connections in the wiring/junction boxes/switch boards etc.
  • Checking all the household equipment’s like light fixtures, fans, geysers, grinders, mixers, iron boxes, washing machines, refrigerators etc is important to ascertain whether the consumption of power is more than what is prescribed in the said equipment’s. Also checking whether the said equipment’s require repair or maintenance for the efficient running of the same.
  • It is advisable not to keep the refrigerator empty, as it leads to high consumption of the power.
  • Preferably it is always better to purchase 5 star rated Air Conditioners, as it runs more economically.
  • As far as possible not to use second hand/reconditioned Air Conditioners as the power consumption of the same increases.
  • To ensure an optimum level of consumption in power, it is better to maintain the temperature settings of the Air conditioners at 24 degrees to 26 degrees C.
  • Utilizing   LED light   fixtures reduces the power consumption and enhances the illumination in the room.
  • For optimum utilization of power, it is always better to switch off the electronic equipment’s from the main switch and not from the remote control. As the transformer installed in the electronic equipment consumes power even if the same is not being used.
  • The   most important point to be kept in mind, is to understand the power supply company’s billing pattern/format which I will be covering in my next topic.


So friends, if we focus on the above said minute issues, this will help you in being aware of your power consumption.


Thanking   you earnestly and please look forward to my upcoming blogs.

B S Shetty