ibmsToday in any building,officecomplex,hotels or hospitals or any industrial spaces digitalization is required. Digitalisation means lots of data communication ,network and connectivity,either through cable or wireless.Here to achieve this, there are lot of active and passive components to be connected and managed to achieve safety,security and optimized work environment.

Therefore it calls for proper design and execution of the networking system. This digitalization also go hand in hand with CCTV security system,access control and public address and communication system.

We at radiant offer complete design system for all the above low voltage system.Our area of operation in this field covers brodely following:

  • Data Net work with active and passive data network systems, including data cabling,server selection,wifi equipment etc.
  • Telephone and intercom , VDP system etc.
  • CCTV Network with Cameras/ Monitors/ DVRs using Optic ibms1Fiber networks for large open areas
  • Access Control Systems with Biometrics
  • Attendance management systems with Iris Readers
  • Turnstiles
  • Boom Barriers
  • Perimeter Protection Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Communications Network for Voice
  • Public Address & Voice systems
  • Paging Systems