Hotels have to be flexible and versatile in nature to cater to broad range of customers. Some people visit hotel during holidays and they expect the hotel facility should be pleasurable. At the same time some other people visit the same hotel for business purpose and they require the hotel facility should be like office. They expect meeting rooms, internet access etc. Hotel should ensure to provide the facilities for all type of customers as per their requirement.

Customers visit the hotel expect value for money in what they pay for their stay. Therefore, it is very much necessary to achieve all the facilities and services in most economical and efficient way. This can be achieved by opting sustainable design in providing services pertaining to electrical, HVAC, water management, sewage disposal etc.

Lot of technological advancement and value additions required in designing the same. At radiant our team of expert engineers possess such capabilities through number of years of experience in designing such kind of services.
Our teams work in close coordination to ensure that planning applications are strong by carrying out detailed assessments and feasibility studies, taking into account local and national planning laws, the local environment and local economy. Those same assessments and others – such as site analysis and technical studies – are used not only to put together a viable planning application but to highlight areas that can be made more economical or run more efficiently than originally envisaged.