Good electrical system design is critical to a multistoried building. Planning of elevator system therefore features very early in overall building design programs. Quality of vertical transportation is vital to building circulation and hence has a profound effect on human response to the building itself.

Residential and commercial elevator systems must be configured to match the expected traffic requirement for both present and future. Fundamental elevator system design depends on key decisions such as accuracy in predicting expected building population.

Key design considerations are as under:elevators

  • Number of floors to be served
  • Floor to floor distance
  • Population of each floor
  • Location of building
  • Specialist services within the building
  • Type of building occupancy
  • Maximum peak demand in passengers

Depending upon the above parameters; elevator speed, car dimensions, load, number of elevators and elevator design characteristics will vary.

Basic design parameters will vary as per following building types like offices, hotels, hospitals, residential building, commercial complexes, specialized buildings etc.elevators1

We at Radiant, offer optimum design with various manufacturers offerings. Based on the manufacturer technical data and requirement from clients as per above mentioned design aspects, we help in selecting the most appropriate vertical transportation system.