web-analyticsIn the present highly competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create a product / service that are unique in the eyes of the clients. Hence to achieve sustainable competitive edge, more & more organizations are relying not only on strong fundamental Customer base but also technical support system of highest order. Thus, the emergence of technical support system of highest order Radiant, whose intense focus is on making seamless combination of delivering unique product/services.

RADIANT CONSULTING ENGINEERS is a multi-discipline consulting engineering firm dedicated to provide the highest quality of services to each of its client. The main focus at RADIANT CONSULTING ENGINEERS is to assist both the ultimate users and architects throughout the various stages of development in the Project. We are committed to satisfy the clients requirements and to the continuous improvement of the work processes.

RADIANT CONSULTING ENGINEERS is a body of dynamic professional Engineers engaged in the process of rendering end to end professional consultancy services in Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing,Heating and Ventilation(HVAC),Public health,Renewable energy and Low Voltage services etc. as applied to establishments such as Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Mixed Use Developments, Residential Townships and Shopping Complexes in India and Abroad.


True resourcefulness  comes from working with a partner/associate you trust to provide the value to your vision, support and expertise that will propel your business forward.  Association with Radiant means you can definitely count on measurable results, professional approach and precise methodology.

When you work with us, your long-term success is our motivation. This is the reason why we can offer you the ability to meet every challenge and the agility to capitalize on every opportunity. That’s the power of association. And it is our promise to each one of our client.

Proven dependability

Being reliably “on time and on budget” has always been a hallmark of our engagements. For us, budget numbers and timelines aren’t moving targets; they are a rock-solid foundation for business planning and decision making. We help you set the right goals from the outset and then pre-plan, ramp up and adapt as necessary to meet your time-to-market deadlines and budgetary requirements.

Maximizing your investment

You need to make the most of your designs and business investments. Our uncompromising devotion to rigorous, world-class processes and standards ensures that the designs and solutions we develop minimize the time to value for your investment. We introduce predictability, standardization and governance into your business infrastructure, giving you the confidence to not just run your business but to add  value.

Customized solutions that deliver

By complementing our comprehensive service offerings with expert consultation, our optimized design approach will enable your organization to respond more quickly to market changes. Our customized solutions provide better visibility and control across all areas of your business so you can operate more efficiently, improve profit margins, reduce risk and achieve long term success—no matter what the market has in store.

The know-how you need

We have the processes and expertise to solve your  most complex problems, help you reduce risk and gain competitive advantage. We consistently leverage our design Innovation Labs, Centers of Excellence and collaborative teams of experts—including architects,researchers, engineers, consultants and business partners—to create innovative solutions that give your business an edge.

Global expertise, applied locally

Our methodologies have been proven across markets around the globe. No matter where your business takes you, our consultants have firsthand experience and a keen understanding of your industry’s local and international dynamics, so we can help you think ahead and gain competitive advantage as you expand your business around the world.

Solutions for the long-term

We take a long-term view and ensure that any design solution we put in place today will efficiently meet your needs while providing the extensibility to carry your business into the future. We draw from our years of domain experience in design solutions to help you implement the agile, integrated systems and processes that will help your business run leaner and smarter as it continues to grow.

Collaboration that works

We believe that the best solutions come from collaborative relationships with our clients. As your global consultant, we will work closely with you to understand your unique business transformation goals, design best-in-class solutions and devise the most efficient plan for implementing your strategy across the organization. We work in an open and transparent way, so that trust you kept on us remains for ever.

A dedicated approach

Your needs are our priority and, whatever your concerns, you can be certain they will be addressed. We work with you through the entire engagement life cycle, from negotiation to customized solution design to delivery, maintaining open lines of communications at all times. And not only do we make our top people available, we leverage our close partnerships with industrial, academic and technology leaders around the world to bring you industry-leading solutions.

A relationship that scales

Our world class resources allows us to work as an extension to your infrastructure, providing the scale and flexibility you need to adapt in a changing environment. we can ramp up or ramp down resources quickly to meet your needs.